2016 Forbes Travel Guide Award Winner



Content is KING. Whether you need a special event documented, a promo video or a social media campaign The Light Record team has the expertise to execute to perfection.  Our Forbes Travel Guide Award-Winning content will illuminate what makes your business different and bring it to your audience.

We don't just provide award-winning content. We don't just provide marketing. We offer both.

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Video marketing accounts for 69% of all consumer traffic

Landing pages with videos lead to 800% more conversion

We generate & share content that is all about your story, not about the sale


< 30 Second-Strategy

Powerful, concise content =

Increased viewer completion rate =

Greater content sharing =

Winning campaign =


Wistia Chart.jpg

Our content strategy factors in the most important social video metrics in order to maximize conversion:

  1. View count - According to Nielson 47% of the value of a video campaign comes from the first 3 seconds
  2. 10-second views - According to Facebook 75% of the value of a video campaign is achieved in the first 10 seconds
  3. Watch time ("minutes viewed") - this metric measures the overall picture of the success of your video (Facebook metric)
  4. Social sharing - According to Facebook 48% of video watch time comes from shares
  5. Viewer completion percentage - Facebook uses this metric to prioritize video in the News Feed 
  6. *Average view duration - If the average view of your video is 20 seconds but your video is 28 seconds, *we can do a complimentary re-edit to accommodate your viewer
  7. Click-through rate - this is the key goal, of course

*Available with Xtended Media Crate

We don't just provide award-winning content. We don't just provide marketing. We offer both.

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Viral Media Crate
999.00 1,899.00

Custom Social Media Video (1 Video ~30 seconds)

Photo Content Package (5 Images)

Monthly Social Media Marketing Subscription

Unlimited Content Usage on YOUR OWN Platforms

Uplift Your Business
Integral Media Crate
1,499.00 2,699.00

*2 Custom Social Media Videos ( ~30 seconds each)

*Deluxe Photo Content Package (10)

*Bi-Weekly Social Media Marketing Subscription

*Go-To-Market Strategy Consultation

Unlimited Content Usage on YOUR OWN Platforms

Grow Your Business
Xtended Media Crate
1,999.00 3,699.00

*2 Feature Property Videos (~2 minutes each)

*2 Social Media Videos (~30 seconds each)

*Comprehensive Photo Package of 20 Images

Bi-Weekly Social Media Marketing Subscription

*Average View Duration Re-edit Guarantee

Go-To-Market/Content Strategy Consultation

Unlimited Content Usage on YOUR OWN Platforms

Propel Your Business


We have steadily built a following on our social media channels over the past 4 years. In particular, @thelightrecord on Instagram has a following of 23+K dedicated followers with powerful partnerships throughout our network. According to polls we conducted with our followers, 72% prefer to shop, eat and attend events at small businesses vs. corporate chains. The Viral Media Crate will surely give your business the boost that it needs by targeting the audience you seek. If the Viral Media Crate seems too simplified for your needs, there are more comprehensive options available in the INTEGRAL or XTENDED Media Crates.


At @thelightrecord we have worked in partnership with some of the finest luxury properties in the world but you don't have to be a 5-Star rated business to work with us. Ever since our work was honored at the 2016 Forbes Travel Guide Awards Symposium in Vancouver, businesses of all styles and niches have contacted us about content. Your potential clients want to see "the experience" and they want to see it quickly; under 30 seconds, in fact. According to Wistia the viewer completion rate for videos under 30 seconds is 84% (see chart above). Our proven strategy is to tell your story concisely. It is our specialty. The Integral Media Crate will provide you with 2 experiential marketing videos + 10 world class photographs that you will have for perpetual use in any way you like. No strings attached. New content is generated when your yearly subscription is renewed. You may cancel any time.


Our extensive efforts in researching this business model revealed that the top content companies are unable to provide quality content capable to competing with our value. Those companies also don't offer the social media exposure and partnership benefits that we do as part of ALL 3 of our Media Crates. What value can you place on having both for a price that still beats what other companies offer for content only?

The social media era has glamorized the experiential visit of local businesses. Now everyone wants it for his/herself. Our team can reveal the most important factors that inspire the choices that people make on how to spend their most precious comodity: TIME.  The Xtended Media Crate not only provides the most content possible (2 short videos for social media & 2 feature videos for web and YouTube) at an incomparable value, but you will also retain the rights to use that content anywhere and anyway that you choose for as long as you like. The feature videos may contain premium interviews with the leaders within your business as well as breathtaking aerial and scenic stock footage of your surrounding area. You will also receive 20 world class photos to pepper up your website and social media pages. New content is generated when your yearly subsription is renewed.

At The Light Record, we believe in brand compatibility and building trust in order to maximize the mutual benefit of doing business together. We place all potential partners through a vetting process to ensure that we only work with brands of the highest quality and integrity. APPLY today to qualify for our partnership programs. Applications are processed within 24 hours. There is no fee to apply. Travel fees not included in pricing. Such fees are applicable to businesses outside of the Los Angeles area.